Securing financing is just one part of a real estate transaction. My teammates at Coldwell Banker Estes Village Properties Ltd and I are seasoned at aiding new and experienced buyers in all areas of real estate. Call me today at (970) 214-6350 if you have any questions concerning any part of the home-buying process.

Tips For Finding The Best Financing For You

When buying a home, applying for a loan can feel overwhelming and even a little intimidating to most people, but I’ve found it’s a lot less stressful when you’re well informed. My goal is to make sure your have all the information you need to feel confident you are making great decisions every step of the way. I have excellent working relationships with all of the lenders Estes Park and a great many along the front range and, as a team, we can make the process easy to understand and navigate.

1 – I'll help you get answers you can understand 

It can be a challenge to know the characteristics of all the different loan programs, and most people have lots of questions as they try to decide which is the best option for them. Once I listen and understand the ins-and–outs of your goals, I’ll recommend a lender who aligns with you and we can work together to ensure you understand the advantages and disadvantages of the many choices available, and how they apply to your unique situation. 

2 – Decide when you want to lock-in your interest rate

A somewhat-tricky topic that can be influenced by many factors, depending on your particular circumstance, but here are some facts: 
• If you “float” the interest rate, you’ll be able to lock your rate in at any time between loan application and the issuing of closing documents. People who choose to float presume the interest rates will drop in the near future. 
• When you lock-in the rate—and this is most often done at the time the loan application is sent in—the lender will hold to that interest rate for the life of the loan. 

Click here to see the best-educated-guess at the outlook for interest rates over the next 90 days. (It will help our almost-son-in-law feel like the PhD in economics he’s pursuing is a sound investment.) But, seriously, the lenders I know will use their expertise to work with you to lock in the best interest rate possible for you—I’ve even watched them as they’ve searched for a 2-hour window to lock in a great rate for my clients.

3 – I’ll be glad to assist you with the paperwork.

Obtaining a loan requires a fair amount of paperwork. Click here to get a good idea of the questions you’ll be asked on your loan application. And I’ll be there every step of the way to help find answers to all of your questions.

If you'd like to hear what some of the people I've helped have to say, click here.

What would your ideal home look and feel like?

Let me help you find the home your head and heart envision and assure your interests are protected throughout the entire process. The more you share with me about what your dreams and realities entail, the better I can use my expertise to help you find exactly what you’re looking for. And if you don’t exactly know yet, that’s fine, too. I’ve developed this questionnaire to be sort of your sketchpad to explore with. Please feel free to elaborate on what your dreams look and feel like. Have fun and remember, you can always come back and erase and re-draw them any time you like. Note: This information will be held in strict confidence. It will be used solely to help me find what you’re looking for, without wasting your time.

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