Curb Appeal Checklist

Let’s take full advantage of our chance to make a relationship-building first impression on your potential buyers. This is key because research shows that the positive (and negative) features that jump out at them shape their initial feelings and “prejudices” about your house, including how well they will be able to envision themselves living there, and how much they will be willing to pay for it. (With a great first impression, all of the wonderful features your home holds inside will feel like a pleasant bonus.) Here are a few things we can review together:
Pretend you’re a buyer who’s never seen the outside of your home or yard before
. Then, come back to reality and remove any building materials, scrap wood, seldom used or worn household or patio items, etc. from the property. 

Check your home from the roof down with a fresh eye.

  • Is the roof free and clear from obstructions?
  • Are the gutters clear and neatly hung?
  • Are the windows clean and free from obstructions? (Such as overgrown bushes or trees—we want the buyers to see the great views when they're inside, as well as look appealing from the out side.)    
Inspect the condition of the paint and siding
  • Is it time to power wash the siding or decks? 
  • Would a dab of touch up paint be helpful?
  • Is the front door in good shape?
  • Is the welcome mat “welcoming”?

Do flowerbeds need a little love?

  • Are plants neatly pruned?
  • Is the bed free and clear of weeds?
  • Are flowers looking great (if they are in bloom)?

Keep the yard neatly groomed (even if it’s “mountain natural”).

  • Are pine needles picked up?
  • Is the yard free from weeds and looking it’s best?
  • Are hoses rolled up neatly and/or stored out of sight?
  • Are the garbage cans in the garage?
  • Are the flamingos freshly painted? (Just checking to see if you’d fallen asleep yet.)

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