Getting ready to buy your first home?

Congratulations! Purchasing your first home is a huge adventure. I realize it can also be a little confusing and overwhelming. (Our son in Seattle recently bought their first home, so I just had a refresher course in how HUGE this first purchase can feel.)

I have a solid understanding of this fluid Estes Valley market—our family started investing in Estes Park real estate over 60 years ago—and I have been helping others meet their goals in this unique and ever-changing market since 2003. I also have a true appreciation for the value of thoroughness and accuracy, and a very positive attitude.

I am available to explain and guide you through every facet of your home-search to make your journey as efficient and enjoyable as possible. And if I don’t have an answer, I’ll go find it for you.

My goal is to provide you with all the current and in-depth information and insights you need to make decisions you can be comfortable with. (Actually, my goal is to not only help you feel comfortable, I hope to help you feel energized about your decisions and what they mean to you and your family, every step of the way.)

On a personal note, my husband and I once looked at over 80 properties in eight counties before we found the home that was “looking for us.” (And that wasn’t even our first home.) I respect that this is a process—and it’s a different process for each person. And I love helping people through their unique journey.

Estes Park Listings

Here are some of the things I’ll gladly help you with:

Let Coldwell Banker Estes Village Properties Ltd help you with your first home purchase in Estes Park
  • Because I realize there are no cookie-cutter dreams, I will listen to you. Really listen. Your dream is yours alone and I want to understand it completely so I efficiently help you achieve your goals.
  • I will review the home-buying process with you, so you know what to expect. And I will guide you through it, in whatever way works best for you. (Some people want all of the details and some prefer just the highlights.)
  • I can put you in touch with the representatives of the First-Time Buyer programs that best fit your particular circumstance, and walk you through the various types of mortgages to choose from, as well as the many other financial considerations that can be involved when purchasing a home.
  • I'll stand by you through each stage while you're buying your home, from locating the properties that best match your dreams and your budget among all the properties available in the Estes Valley, to how (and when) to secure financing, how to identify and prioritize needs and wants when your budget may not reach QUITE far enough (like most people’s), how to approach negotiating an offer (a case-by-case situation), how to negotiate inspection objections if they should they arise, to helping you know what to expect in the way of closing costs and even when it may be wisest to walk away. (Click here to read more about The 7 Steps to Owning)
  • I will creatively problem-solve any obstacles that might arise throughout this process to help you efficiently achieve your goals. A couple of brief examples:
    • I’ve grabbed a shovel and dug up a sanitation-vault cover so the company inspecting it could efficiently do their job and let my client know exactly what it was they were buying.
    • I gladly researched economically-feasible, alternative-heating options for a client that was purchasing a 1905 summer-only cabin, in order to help her get the year-round home that spoke to her heart, while staying within her budget.
  • I—along with my Coldwell Banker teammates—have experience and resources to share that will benefit you. We have been helping people meet their real estate goals since 1985. We have seen many of the interesting “quirks” that can arise in a beautiful, rural place that has been developed over a very long time.
  • Note: Zoning, building odes and surveying technology have certainly evolved, but some of the “creative” things that have occasionally been “grandfathered” in over the lifespan of Estes Park can take some skillful detective work to uncover, and that only can be acquired with experience—coupled with a passion for making sure people are treated fairly. I have the experience to, shall we say, prevent the past from derailing—or at least complicating—your future and your dreams. (For example, I’ll research to make sure your neighbor’s fence isn’t encroaching on your property which can be a tricky thing to climb over if that shows up right before closing). My goal is to use my experience and resources to make your home-buying journey almost as easy as it was for you to fall in love with Estes.
  • After years of assisting people buy their first home, I’ve put together a list you might find helpful as you explore looking for your new home.
  • Create two lists:
    • One with things you must have, the other with slightly lower priority things you’d enjoy having. (Of course, I will do my best to find everything on both lists within your price range, but it’s not unusual for there to be trade-offs.) You may be surprised how a relatively short amount of time spent now can make your search drastically more efficient once you arrive in Estes. (And remember, this is just exploration; you are never locked into what you initially write down. My experience is that these lists almost always evolve as your home-search progresses. I love helping people as refine what will make them most happy as we move through their process(es).)
    • Have a predetermined price range. This could be based on what mortgage you are comfortable with (a rule of thumb has been 1/3 of your monthly income or less), which first-time buyer programs you may qualify for and a myriad of other factors. Each situation is as unique as you are. I am more than happy to provide assistance (at no obligation) as you examine what is the most appropriate price range for you.

If, after you’ve explored your realtor options, you feel like I’m a good fit to assist you as you go through your process of finding your ideal home, I would then review your lists with you and make sure I understand completely what you're interested in and then begin sending you information on the properties that best match your needs, desires and price range. I will also begin keeping a constant lookout for new listings and utilizing my network to try and ferret out appropriate properties before they are even posted on the Multi-list.

And if you've already started your search, let me know what you've found and what you like and dislike about the properties you have viewed. The more I know about what’s in your head and heart, the more efficiently I can help you meet your goals.

And the best to you on your wonderful adventure, no matter who you choose to help you find your new home.

While seeing listing photos on the web is great, there's nothing like touring homes in person. Let me set up the necessary appointments and map out the best route. After all, you have enough to think about already. I want to make your home search as efficient and pleasant as possible. Contact me.(There’s no obligation—the seller pays the commission—and I won’t pester you. I promise.)

If you'd like to hear what some of the people I've helped have to say, click here.

What would your ideal home look and feel like?

Let me help you find the home your head and heart envision and assure your interests are protected throughout the entire process. The more you share with me about what your dreams and realities entail, the better I can use my expertise to help you find exactly what you’re looking for. And if you don’t exactly know yet, that’s fine, too. I’ve developed this questionnaire to be sort of your sketchpad to explore with. Please feel free to elaborate on what your dreams look and feel like. Have fun and remember, you can always come back and erase and re-draw them any time you like. Note: This information will be held in strict confidence. It will be used solely to help me find what you’re looking for, without wasting your time.

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