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I try to keep in mind that leaving the home and friends you’ve known for a new area is often both exciting and unnerving—even when you’re moving to somewhere as magical as the Estes Valley. Your head and heart are full of a million thoughts, feelings and things to do. After years of assisting people relocate here, I’ve put together a list you might find helpful as you explore looking for your new home among all that Estes has to offer. I hope your transition is as pleasant as it can be. Here are a few tips that have helped previous clients.

  • Create two lists: One with things your new home must have, the other with slightly lower priority things you’d enjoy having. (Of course, I will do my best to find everything on both lists within your price range,but it’s not unusual for there to be trade-offs.) You may be surprised how a relatively short amount of time spent now can make your search drastically more efficient once you arrive in Estes. (And remember, this is just exploration; you are never locked into what you initially write down. My experience is that these lists almost always evolve as your home-search progresses. I love helping people as refine what will make them most happy as we move through their process(es).) 
  • Have a predetermined price range. This could be based on what mortgage you are comfortable with (a rule of thumb has been 1/3 of your monthly income or less), how much you anticipate receiving from the sale of your current home and a myriad of other factors. Each situation is as unique as you are. I am more than happy to provide assistance (at no cost and with no obligation) as you examine what is the most appropriate price range for you. 

  • If, after you’ve explored your realtor options, you feel like I’m a good fit to assist you as you go through your process of finding your ideal home, I would then review your lists with you and make sure I understand completely what you're interested in and then begin sending you information on the properties that best match your needs, desires and price range. I will also begin keeping a constant look-out for new listings and utilizing my network to try and ferret out appropriate properties before they are even posted on the Multi-list when possible. 
  • And if you've already started your search, let me know what you've found and what you like and dislike about the properties you have viewed. The more I know about what’s in your head and heart,the more efficiently I can help you meet your goals. (While seeing listing photos on the web is great, there's nothing like touring homes in person. Let me set up the necessary appointments and map out the best route. After all, you have enough to think about already.) I’d like to make your home search as efficient and pleasant as possible.

And welcome to this very special place, no matter who you feel most comfortable with to help you find your new home.

My objective is to do everything I can so that, by the end of your visit, you can be comfortable knowing you’ve had the information and insights you’ve needed to choose the best home for your situation. Let me know when you’re ready to begin your process of finding your new home. I look forward to hearing from you. 

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What would your ideal home look and feel like?

Let me help you find the home your head and heart envision and assure your interests are protected throughout the entire process. The more you share with me about what your dreams and realities entail, the better I can use my expertise to help you find exactly what you’re looking for. And if you don’t exactly know yet, that’s fine, too. I’ve developed this questionnaire to be sort of your sketchpad to explore with. Please feel free to elaborate on what your dreams look and feel like. Have fun and remember, you can always come back and erase and re-draw them any time you like. Note: This information will be held in strict confidence. It will be used solely to help me find what you’re looking for, without wasting your time.

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