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Expert home staging is an established method used to sell a house here in Estes Park, Colorado. Some advantages to home staging include fewer days on the market and more offers. And you should definitely consider professional home staging if you need a quick home sale.

Staging your home in Estes Park is all about selling a lifestyle. You want buyers to picture themselves calling your house "home". You want them to see your current house as their future home.

Staging your house for an Open House doesn't have to be a problem. It can actually be enjoyable. Together, we'll work to get a premium bid for your home's sale. So, for fewer days on the market in Estes Park, Colorado, try these house staging tips:

The Power of Curb Appeal

We’ll make the most of your chance to create a great first-impression on buyers before they even get a peek at all the outstanding features your home holds inside. The truth is, the positive (and any negative) features that initially jump out at your potential buyers will shape their feelings and “prejudices” about your entire house. It can effect how well they’ll be able to envision themselves living there, along with how much they will be willing to pay for that opportunity. Being aware of this helps us determine what steps we can take to draw buyers from the street into your house with a favorable predisposition. 

We’ll look for anything that could cause a buyer hesitation when considering your home. A critical eye—like your buyers will have—can lead to some relatively simple correctSell quickly in Estes Park with home staging and with me as your real estate agent - (970) 586-4425ions that can up your home’s curb appeal significantly. For instance, just pressure-washing a dirty deck or siding is an extremely cost-efficient way to heighten your home's curb appeal. (You can rent one reasonably for a day and accomplish a lot. You can also place affordable solar lights so they highlight your home’s most attractive outdoor features. Even something as simple as a new, cheerful welcome mat can make your entryway feel much more inviting. We’ll explore what simple improvements will be most effective for your unique situation.

We can easily make your home’s great qualities evident to a wide range of prospective buyers. And the more people who are interested in your property, the higher its value becomes. By using this Curb Appeal Checklist, you can potentially elevate your home’s final selling price, as previous clients have done.

Curb Appeal Checklist >

Setting the Stage.

We want to make it easy for home buyers to envision themselves and their personal items in your house. In order to do that, it can sometimes be wise to moderately reduce the number of family photos, artwork, souvenirs, etc. you have on display. At the same time, a “summation”of refrigerator art and family photos, etc. is fantastic! It lets buyers see that the wonderful people who have lived in this space have had a terrific time living here. (I’ve even seen buyers tip towards a property because, for example, they saw a photo of a quilter who lived in the home, and they were a quilter, too!)

My experience allows me to quickly recognize each room’s best features and how to highlight them so they all work together to put your entire home’s “best foot forward” in your buyer’s mind—and that lets your home stand out at the end of a long day of home searching.


Staging Your Home Checklist >

Using my home staging pointers can get your house sold faster. We’ll help you create a welcoming atmosphere that makes buyers want to stay—permanently. Give me a call at 970-214-6350 and I’ll help stage your home to show best, and sell best.

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