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Steps to EXPECT

When Purchasing Your New Home 


There are several things you’ll find helpful to explore before you begin looking for your new home. Start with a list of things you’d like to see in your new home and your new neighborhood. Then, explore how much you’ll feel comfortable spending and determine your price range. As a starting point, most experts advise keeping your mortgage payment around 30 percent of your net monthly income. We can work together to align your dreams with your fiscal goals.

 Find a Realtor 

(or 2 or 3)

I recommend you meet with a few realtors and hear how they approach this process. You’ll know when there’s a fit. I’d love to arrange a time to go into detail about what a REALTOR® can provide you and the specifics on how I usually approach helping the people I work with. We can discuss everything you are interested in knowing or want to understand better so that you can feel great about the decisions you’re about to make.

 Understand the Market & Start Your Search 

If you feel like we are a good fit, I’ll reanalyze the market based on your vision. I'll comb the Estes Valley for the homes that best suit you and set up appointments to view the houses when it's convenient for you. I will also communicate which properties may be "hot" and require prompt action and others that are "cool" and allow time for more thoughtful analysis. I'll be sure to tell you if the seller's list price appears to have room for negotiation or if I believe the house is "priced to sell,” based on market analysis.

 Find the Home You Feel Good About  

When you get that feeling that says, “Yes, this is the one!” I will discuss all of the pertinent details & write your real estate purchase offer. I will make sure that all of your thoughts and considerations are clearly stated, including all contingencies & stipulations and I will present your offer to the seller or the seller’s agent.

Note: At this point in the process, you'll submit "earnest money." This is a personal check given to the seller to secure the offer to purchase the property. It will be returned if the offer is not accepted. If your offer is accepted, this money will be put towards the purchase price.


Most deals don't close on the first offer – it's pretty common to receive a counteroffer. We'll analyze options and strategies and decide whether or not to submit your own counteroffer, agree to the seller’s counteroffer, or decline it and move on to another property. When you have arrived at your decision, I’ll deliver your response to the seller or the seller’s agent. Once the seller accepts your offer, your earnest money check will be deposited in an escrow account until the date of closing. Once there is a signed contract, you'll begin working with your mortgage lender to finalize your loan. 

 Close on Your New Home

It’s time to close on your new home—just about, anyway.  As the last step, I will review all of the closing documents and costs with you, making sure all the information is complete, clear and accurate. Because each contract is unique, I’ll walk you through your closing expectations step-by-step when we have the specifics, so that your closing can be as smooth and relaxed as possible. As part of purchasing your new home, at this point, you may be required to wire money to the title or escrow company that is holding the closing.

Note: You can expect to close on your property in approximately 45-to-60 days if you’re getting a loan. This allows enough time for your mortgage financing to be finalized. If it’s a cash transaction, the closing can be much quicker.

 Smile. It's Time to Move In.

Congratulations. You made it! Now you can move into your new house. And if you need a hand moving, I’ve even helped there, too. Enjoy it. And if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me, even after your closing.

Steps to

Purchasing Your New Home 



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