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For starters, hide everything that might look like “clutter” to a potential buyer, no matter how functional it is to you. (I’m happy to help you find places that are out-of-sight, but not out of the country, so you can still access them. It’s my job to guide you through all of this—and I love my job.)

Staging Checklist 

Our goal is to let your home make the best impression possible on each person who is searching for their dream home. We want to leave them the space to be inspired to envision their things in their new home—and at this moment they are trying your house on to see how it fits for them. (They are also comparing it to others.) 

We also want you to still be able to function in your home until they buy it.

We can talk about ways that balance can most easily be achieved. For now, utilize these checklists to help you get started.

Checklists for Sellers

Click the PDF icon for the printable version of the Staging Checklist

Curb Appeal Checklist

Let’s take full advantage of our chance to make a relationship-building first impression on your potential buyers. This is key because research shows that the positive (and negative) features that jump out at them shape their initial feelings and “prejudices” about your house, including how well they will be able to envision themselves living there and how much they will be willing to pay for it. (With a great first impression, all of the wonderful features your home holds inside will feel like a pleasant bonus.) 

**Tip: Pretend you’re a buyer who’s never seen the outside of your home or yard before. Then, come back to reality and remove any building materials, scrap wood, seldom used or worn household or patio items, etc. from the property. ​

Click the PDF icon for the printable version of the Curb Appeal Checklist

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Home Staging Checklist
Home Curb Appeal Check List
Curb Appeal



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