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Snow Dusted Colorado Mountians




"I started looking for a home to buy in Estes when the buyer's market was pretty tight. Mary and I looked at several homes, but none seemed to be what I was looking for. After several weeks, Mary called me early one morning and said a home had just come on the market that she thought I should see—we were looking at the house within the hour. I walked in and knew it was my home. Mary was determined to help me find the right place to call my own. Mary worked with me through the home search, contract negotiating and closing. She made the process safe and easy."                        

"Mary Murphy has been an excellent broker, advocate and friend. She assisted my parents and my spouse in securing our little sanctuary in the mountains. Mary stepped up to the plate and delivered flawlessly for all parties. Her knowledge of the area, market, and appropriate contacts to conduct personal and professional business are second to none. I would endorse Mary as a realtor on both sides of the fence—either as a buyer or a seller of real estate... my wife and I have had the luxury of having an association with Mary in both realms!"

"Mary helped me off and on for over 8 years to find an old Estes cabin, my dream for many years. I have to admit that I was very particular about what I wanted, but she stuck with it and I now have my #2 choice—it's funny how things work out. We were almost to the end of buying my #1 choice when someone swooped in with a cash offer. As they say, 'Things always work out for the best.' Mary helped me sell my condo, buy the cute cabin I am in now and all is well. She was always positive, helped me think things through and was at my side the whole way. Mary knows her stuff, works tirelessly to achieve your goal and became a true friend because she really cares."

"Working with Mary on the purchase of our home was the best experience we've had when it comes to real estate. She was proactive, professional and thorough in all dealings with us. She kept us informed and updated and alerted us to any schedule changes. Due to here experience and extensive professional network, Mary was also able to connect us with reliable resources to handle the 'non-real estate' issues that inevitably arise. Perhaps the most vivid example of her customer care was her unsolicited delivery of information for or tax return. We've never had a real estate agent who went to such great lengths to serve our needs!" 

- PJ O'Connor

-Harry & Jody Love

"Mary Murphy is a very positive professional. She is very concerned about what you want to list and is quite knowledgeable about values to determine your asking price. Her follow-up is fantastic when she gets an offer or counter-offer. When an offer is accepted, you need not worry about the closing process. Closing is very easy, with funds being transferred properly to complete the contract provisions. When you use Mary Murphy the process is simple and straight-forward. We certainly recommend utilizing Mary as your Real Estate Professional."

- Glen & Jan Gillmore

"I'm sending you this email, Mary, to tell you how happy we are in the little spot of paradise we call our own now in Estes Park. Life is great, and in no small part due to that happy, peaceful place. Thanks again for all of your help and your calming presence." 

-S. Lewis

"Thanks, to Mary, we were able to accomplish our long-time dream of having a get-away in beautiful Estes Park. We highly recommend Mary Murphy. She took care of all the details skillfully and made it a very enjoyable process."

"We were blessed to have been referred to Mary Murphy. She listed our home, gave us no false hope as she helped us work through the listing. We always felt she was working for us and kept us informed. We highly recommend Mary and if we bought again in Estes Park, Mary would be our first call." 

-Rick & Diane Kaufman

-Debbie Delaney  

-J. & B. Walls

-Bob & Toots Ostrich

"It's always a pleasure working with Mary. She is very real and certainly knows her stuff. I have done several real estate transactions with her and she has always done an outstanding job." 

"True, Mary Murphy knows how important it is to be professional, thorough and diligent... but what we appreciated most is that she knows how nice it is to just be a helpful person, too."

-Kate Ellard

-Kathleen & Tom Anderson

My wife and I started coming to Estes in 2007 as tourists. On our third vacation here we decided, just for fun, to step into the office where Mary Murphy worked. Out stepped Mary, smiling and welcoming us to Estes. We explained we were not really serious, just curious. She said, 'That's fine—I get it. This is important and everyone's process is different.' We then hopped in her car and looked at a few homes. When we got back, the three of us just talked, and she got to know us—really know us and what we were looking for. We told her we were thinking of retiring here someday, but that was many years off. Finally, in March 2014 (we must have put Mary into shock), we found the property we wanted to by—the timing was right, too. Since then, Mary and her husband have become really good friends, and Mary helped my wife's Mother buy a house here (her process only took five days!). I have to say I could think of no person better qualified to help one find a home in the Estes Valley—not just a property, but a home that meets your requirements." 

"I would like to recommend Mary Murphy. Mary worked with my wife and me for nearly six months as we endeavored to sell our home and buy another. She has done so with integrity and honesty. During this time, we encountered a number of obstacles, and Mary was there to assist us each time. We highly recommend Mary Murphy." 

-Curtis & Amy Fox

-Jay & Lynn Lykins



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